Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Kinks Fight for the Clissold of Old

For those of you who love the Kinks but hate posh gastro grub, this story from Earvolution will will be right up your alley:

"Ray and Dave Davies are taking issue with the new owner of The Clissold Arms, the London bar where The Kinks played their first show in 1963. In a scenario derived from their 1983 hit 'Come Dancing,' the venue's 'Kinks Corner,' a shrine including guitars, records and other souvenirs, is about to be removed to make room for an upscale eatery.

"'I would urge whoever has bought the pub to retain some reference to The Kinks so fans all over the world can retain it as a sense of 'place,'" Ray Davies reportedly pleaded. His brother Dave echoed his brother's sentiment to form a new variation of the Village Green Preservation Society. 'Why on earth can't they have their posh gastro grub and still keep a part of it for tourists, Kinks fans and the curious?' he said."

I'm going to have to side with posh gastro grub on this one, but I think the restaurant owner should at least name a sandwich after the Davies. Or maybe just have a soup of the "days."

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