Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ghostbusters' Afterlife Continues in Video Game

Of course the New York Times had to use "Who You Gonna Call?" in the headline about a Ghostbusters video game. But anyway, here's a bit from the story:
“My mother claims that when she was nursing me, a man and woman appeared at the foot of the bed, so she called to my dad, and they opened up the family album, and it was Sam and my great-grandmother Ellen Jane coming to welcome the new baby.”

“We had total confidence at that point,” said [Harold] Ramis, one of the film’s stars and co-writer of the final screenplay. “We were at the top of our game. I remember during ‘The Blues Brothers’ Dan had been down on doing a lot of merchandising. He would say, ‘I don’t want to be on every lunchbox in America.’ Well, when it came time for ‘Ghostbusters’ his tune had changed, and he said, ‘Now, I do want to be on every lunchbox in America.’ And we were. And we were getting our own action figures and so on. We’d sort of already made some small mark on pop culture with several of the earlier movies, so we felt like we had arrived, and then ‘Ghostbusters’ kind of put it over the top.”
I'm not really sure why this game inspired this big write-up, but I was glad to see that Ghostbusters III is still a possibility.


Anonymous said...

there is so much advancement out there:

Advanced Genius Theory said...

didn't the whole link. What's the article?