Friday, January 22, 2010

Prince Gets Inspired by the Vikings

From Fox:

Prince has released a new song about the Minnesota Vikings, inspired by a big win over the Dallas Cowboys and days ahead of the NFC Championship game in New Orleans.

“I saw the future,” said Prince.

Prince was in attendance for the Vikings 34-3 win. He said he went home night after the Cowboys game and wrote the song, "Purple and Gold," which he says came easy and fast.

"Purple Pride" was given exclusively to FOX 9's Robyne Robinson on Thursday. The Vikings love it and put the song on their website Friday afternoon.


Ben said...

Has anyone seen the previews for "The Tooth Fairy?" right when you thought Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would go on doing big budget action flicks forever, he Advances by starring in this. It's almost as Advanced as Ice Cube doing, "Are We There Yet?"

Anonymous said...

I see thei move by Dwayne as a pretty Overt move....not so much advanced. He is following a pattern laid down by Vin Diesel (XXX, Chronicals of Riddick, then The Pacifier?????)......anyway, I expected this type of thign from The Rock for a while now. Tough guy makes tough guy movies, then shows his "sensitive" side by doing a "family" movie. I would be willing to bet there are lots of other examples of this type of pattern. To me, not surprising at all.


Anonymous said...

oh....and sorry about all the typos.......jeeeezzzzz!


Ben said...

I guess it is a bit of an overt move. Honestly, I haven't really followed The Rock's carrer enough to know if he's done other movies like this in the past. To me it was a big surprise, but I can see what you're saying about other big action stars going this same route. . .