Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lou Reed Creates Video for Susan Boyle

Lou Reed creates 'intimate' video for Susan Boyle's 'Perfect Day' cover | News | NME.COM

A bit of it:

Lou Reed has masterminded the video for Susan Boyle's version of 'Perfect Day' just months after banning her from covering his 1972 classic.

Reed refused to let Boyle cover the track on an episode of America's Got Talent earlier this year, but had a change of heart a few weeks later and allowed her to include the track on her album.

Following the u-turn, Reed asked to be in involved in the production of the video, which was shot on the banks of Loch Lomond, according to the Sunday Mail.

"I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan's native Scotland and she quickly agreed," Reed told the newspaper.
So sweet! And Advanced, of course.


Adam said...

You couldn't dream this up. When ever you expect Lou to zig, he zags. Or does something else entirely. Genius.

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT example of Advancement for the uninitiated. Whenever someone asks you to explain the theory, you should bring this one up. I mean really.......refuse to let her sing it, then let her put it on an album, THEN helping with the production of her video.......SIMPLY AMAZING STUFF!


Unknown said...

Nah, he originally knee-jerked his reaction to Boyle (" I don't like her"). She being, in his learned world-view, decidedly frumpy,unhip, and uncool. I mean, how DARE she want to sing a song that exemplifies detached NY underground noir-cool, she of plebeian working class means living in Blackburn Scotland, totally missing the point and sullying MY legacy... Laurie probably threw her violin bow at him and said WTF, the poor woman is devastated. This one was hurry up and make nice before too much media swarmed on his attitude, and that's not so advanced; just the Grinch who stole inner cynic says someone probably told him, think about all the royalty checks, Lou..and now his website is falling all over her.

Anonymous said...

Jase...........where you at brutha?

Is being MIA an advanced trait, or would that be considered an irritant?


Magpie said...

Actually, Lou couldn't "ban" Boyle from including it on her album. A songwriter may have the right to prohibit the performance of a song on TV, but thanks to the compulsory license provision of the Copyright Act, anyone can record anyone's song providing they agree to pay the legally set licensing fee.