Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Todd Rundgren Interview

There is an interview at with Todd Rundgren >Live Daily about his latest venture, the New Cars. It's interesting enough but here's what caught my eye:

I suppose that, from most of my fans' standpoint, I had already done something strange. [laughs] I put out an album called "Liars," and it was successful, and required pretty much a band and some level of production in order to present it. The problem is that I'm at a certain level where I have a committed following, especially in certain regions, but in the main, if I take any sort of production out [on the road] I don't make any money. So people were wondering why last year I went out with Joe Jackson and a string quartet and essentially did a solo show, which depended substantially on older material. So I was already kind of perplexing my fans, and wasn't sure what I was going to do next. I knew that I had ideas for records, and there's always a possibility of [producing work], and there's always the possibility of joining up with somebody else.

What I had originally planned on doing through last fall and probably into this year was an R&B review with Donald Fagen.
I'm so bummed that the R&B review didn't happen. My lord that would have been Advanced.

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