Monday, May 21, 2007

Brandon Flowers Is Fan-Tastic

I was looking at's recent photo gallery of celebs at NBA playoff games, and to my surprise, Brandon Flowers of the Killers was the last celeb shown. Obviously he went to the game only because he wants us to think he's Advanced (embracing popular sports is Advanced). He has an Overt "tell" though: He went to the Raptors-Nets game. It would have been much more Advanced to go to a Lakers game. But at least he's trying.

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Unknown said...

I totally disagree. It was Advanced of him to go to the Raptors-Nets game. Any star attending a Lakers game is neither overt nor advanced, it is just lazy and what is expected of you. Being famous at a Laker's game is cliche. Being famous and going to a Major League Soccer game (sans Beckham), while demanding front row seats is advanced. Doing anything in Los Angeles is overt.