Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Advanced Music Headlines

  • The Cure are going to release a double album. That's a little bit awesome at this stage in their career.
  • According to a friend, Jim Morrison died in a nightclub of an overdose then was moved. The friend, a naked Native American, coincidentally has a new book coming out soon.
  • Axl Rose wants you to know why GN'R didn't play Live Earth. I think it's because he was afraid that Madonna would have totally kicked his ass.
  • Another note about Live Earth: When I heard Keith Urban go into "Gimme Shelter" I cringed. But then when Alicia Keys came on, everything made sense. She totally ruled that song, and I think I love her now.
  • Raquel Welch says that Elvis became less sexy as he aged. Ageist.
  • The Washington City Paper music blog, Black Plastic Bag, wonders about Billy Corgan's Advancement. The evidence: "you [Corgan] abandon your solo career to reunite your band with no other original members except for the drummer–who played on your solo record anyway–and record a new album which will be released in four different and equally unnecessary editions." Clearly the folks at BPB undesrstand the theory!


Beckylooo said...

Shocked I am. I thought Alicia sounded like she could barely hear herself. And she was screaming. Not so much. But I've always loved her. So there's that.

Advanced Genius Theory said...

I thought she sounded just enough like the record and enough like herself. But at least we're in agreement that she is easy to love.

Philco Brothers said...

I'd rather see Nicole Kidman sing.

Anonymous said...

i think this page sucks.