Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've got a new job and I've moved to Atlanta, so that's why no posting recently. I'll be back to posting soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how very "advanced" of you!

Unknown said...

welcome to Georgia! I'm over in Athens doing what I can to spread/explain the good word of Advancement.

goldenfiddle said...

give us a ring when you get settled.

Anonymous said...,,2-2007350453,00.html

is elton john advanced?

-rebranding "candle in the wind" twice
-"saturday night's all right for fighting" and "crocodile rock"
-when he was young, he was in a band called bluesology
-devout soccer fan

-when did he advance?
-not an auteur - doesn't write lyrics

Anonymous said...

Elton John seems maybe more overt than advanced, if you ask me.

Is Julian Lennon advanced for basically doing everything possible to emulate his father, but then covering a Paul McCartney-penned Beatles song?

Advanced Genius Theory said...

I love the last one!