Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perry Farrell, 50 Cent, and ESPN

I'm late to the story, I know, but I had to say something about the Perry Farrell, Kelly Rowland, and 50 Cent collaboration for ESPN's college football promo. Actually, I'll let Farrell do the talking:
"[ESPN] had the idea to bring in someone who can rap and a female who can sing, and then put it together [as a remix]," Farrell told MTV News on Thursday. "Coming from the world of rock and roll — and as a DJ — I felt that a lot of rock and roll was being ignored by DJs," he said. "I wanted to bring rock and roll songs into the nightclubs because DJs are always looking for new material, and hip-hop has predominately been what club music has been about over the last 10 years. So when I heard that ESPN was interested in that and they also wanted to get a rapper, they made a wise choice. Their ears were tuning in to the things that I was hoping for. And when they told me they were thinking about 50 on it? Wow, that could be amazing."

"It's pertinent to football, but it could very much be its own thing," he continued about the track. "The music really suits crossover. I think that it's really good and I'm happy I got to do it and partner in it with 50 and Kelly, and I just look forward to rocking people on Saturday nights for the whole football season."

Perry Farrell is making a very strong case for himself here. He' s embracing sports, rap, and rock all at once (click on the labels below for more).


Anonymous said...

this got me thinking: what about "tusk" by Fleetwood Mac as a majorly advanced song?

Anonymous said...

sounds fascinating

Chus said...

This is what I think: Jane's Addiction To Reunite... Maybe