Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Tusk" Advanced?

Anonymous writes: "What about 'Tusk' by Fleetwood Mac as a majorly advanced song?"

Good question. I think it was actually not so Advanced (it was their weirdo response to the success of "Rumours" as I remember), but the video was more Advanced than the song. Not to mention kind of sexy when Stevie Nicks twirls the baton. Why is it that all weirdo girls used to be cheerleaders? Maybe it really is hard to be a pretty girl. Anyway, what is more Advanced was the twenty-minute cover of "Tusk" that Camper Van Beethoven play in their reunion gigs.


Anonymous said...

...i dunno: double (experimental) album with fuzzy rock-n-roll guitars, and then the USC football team's marching band... you think it's more overt than advanced? guess the question is really about Lindsay Buckingham's genius.

JW said...

Looks like you need to look at Dave Foley's FULL FRONTAL nudity in Uwe Boll's "Postal" interview:

"...Dave foley really went for it. He event went for a full-frontal nudity scene, which was surprising for me also. I was sitting behind my video desk and couldn't believe it! He did it without telling me. He was supposed to get up from his bed and close his bathrobe, but he didn't close it. We were all sitting there laughing our ass off. He played it super-cool. It's those kinds of offensive scenes that make Postal special, because it's harsher than what we're used to from even the Farrelly brothers' comedies. It's like one step more than even Borat. Postal is like Borat without the black bars."

And the movie opens with this retelling of WTC attacks.

Advanced or just awful?

Philco Brothers said...

I'm not sure the actual song is advanced but the idea of releasing it as a single after the major success of the previoius two LP's is very Metal Machine Music-like.