Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paul Simon Teams Up With David Byrne

Not a whole lot going on this morning, but there is this bit about the world's most interesting man, David Byrne (Live Daily):
Paul Simon will enter a month in residency at Brooklyn's Academy of Music this spring, performing songs from his catalog with help from a number of musical friends.... David Byrne and Hugh Masekela will join Simon for the next installment of the series, "Under African Skies," running April 9-13. The performances will draw from Simon's respectively African- and Brazilian-themed albums, 1986's "Graceland" and 1990's "The Rhythm of the Saints."
For some reason, I can never remember what part of Africa Byrne comes from. But I would imagine that really would be a great show to see.


Roger Camden said...

From "Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed" by Paul Trynka, page 43.

"As the Michigan scene exploded, one crucial concert electrified many of its key players. ...October 24... ...Dylan hit the stage for his electric set, dolled up in a four-button flannel suit and Beatle boots and slinging a black Stratocaster... ...they watched as Dylan walked onto the stage with his back to the band. After guitarist Robbie Robertson counted them in, the band kicked into life, and Dylan executed a perfect jump turn 'just like a classic high school greaser band,' remembers [Jim] Osterberg fondly... Osterberg was transfixed; both by the music, and by the way Dylan was way ahead of the audience and seemingly didn't give a damn about their reaction. ...'Dylan had taken all this abuse and didn't seem affected.'"

I thought this smacked of Advancement (not that Dylan needs more proof of such).
The rock and roll posturing and the part about not caring what the audience wanted fit the most, IMHO.

Unknown said...

You're right on the money!