Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rod Stewart Panties, Baby Bibs, Etc.

Thanks to mediabistro for this:
Rod Stewart and his licensing firm, Signatures Network, are either complete geniuses or utterly lost when it comes to promoting their brand. We recently checked out his online store to see what his newly launched clothing line offers.

A trip though the Rod Stewart Online Store revealed the following items:

  • You know this means, don't you? It means that for the first time a singer can get his own panties thrown on stage. Ooh la la!

    Anonymous said...

    Love the blog...

    Long story short, I was at a sports bar where eddie money was performing that night. The tour manager pulled out "take me home tonight" black thongs out of a fanny pack and gave it to my then GF and her friend. He also offered to put then up and buy then an outfit for the concert that night. 5 years ago.

    Unknown said...

    in other words, he offered two tickets to paradise?