Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Video: Lou Reed Inducts Leonard Cohen Into Rock Hall of Fame

Here's a comment from a YouTuber about this clip:
That was probably the most boring induction into the Hall of Fame, but then again it's Leonard Cohen being inducted by Lou Reed, so that in itself is a yawn fest.

But I prefer Mark's comment:
cough *Lou Reed wearing a leather suit* cough

Here's the clip:


JW said...

Is Madonna Advanced?


Using the Stooges for her R'n'R hof songs. This version of the Stooges includes Mike Watt who was in the 1986 Sonic Youth sideproject Ciccone Youth member Mike Watt, who did a memorable cover of "Burnin Up" -- which the Stooges did at this same show...

Unknown said...

She might be, except that I'm not sure that her music was ever really innovative.

JW said...

I think you could make a fair case for that if you're going to include Gene Simmons, but I'm not sure this is advanced.

mister ecks said...

I dunno about Madonna herself, but The Stooges covering Madonna is Advanced, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Yes! Unless they do it ironically.