Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Still Here, butMorrissey Is at the NFL Network

Sorry for not posting anything for so long and not saying why. I'm working on a book about an important topic you might be interested in, and that is keeping me too busy to keep the blog going. I will try to do weekly postings from now on, though, starting with this: "Every Day Is Like Sunday" is being used in NFL Network commercials.


Philco Brothers said...

Morrissey is the new Bocephus

Unknown said...

welcome back. I've been checking in over the months with the hope that there would be more. As for the NFL being represented by Moz, my mind is blown. Come Armageddon.

britt bergman said...

i love anything advanced, but this really breaks my heart. Or i guess i should say it puts me in a very sad advanced state of mind.
Britt Bergman

Anonymous said...

Why would they want that whiny donut puncher on NFL ?