Friday, October 03, 2008

Johnny Rotten: He's a Butter Man Than I

I've been writing about Johnny Rotten for the book and came across this little gem:

They all sell out sooner or later: Remember Johnny Rotten? Punk/anarchist/rocker with the Sex Pistols, a band inexplicably popular 30 years ago? Real name John Lydon?

Well, it took a while, but it turns out that even punk anarchists have bills to pay, so there he is on English TV, wearing a tweed suit in a commercial for Country Life, a brand of butter.

"I've never done anything like this before and never thought I would," he told the Daily Telegraph, "but this ad was made for me and I couldn't resist the opportunity.


Roger Camden said...

I'm glad that a book on Advancement is being written.
With something printed to refer toward, people just might not look at me like an idiot when I refer to a rocker as 'advanced' or 'overt'.

Everyone seems to think that I'm just being cheeky.

Anonymous said...

You know who else might be advanced? OJ Simpson. Sure, there's the low-speed car chase and 'searching for the real killers.' But authoring a book called 'If I Did It' is off the charts. And then, of course, is the whole Vegas thing. When questioned by reporters, he said something about 'I thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'

Pure genius.

Stelios Phili said...

hi jason,

purely inspired by advanced theory, my friends and I created the ultimate counter-force to your band. While you thrived in the world of the advanced, we immersed ourselves in the sea of overt.

two songs and a music video later, here's what happened:

Anonymous said...

old out a long, long time ago. One begins to see that really he was simply a tool for Malcolm McClaren, becoming a whiny brat about it and proclaiming his authenticity. He stopped making interesting music ages ago, and even had a TV talk show for a while -- s sure sign of selling out. When Neil Young put out 'Hey hey my my' whose lyrics refer to Johnny, the latter tried desperately to mock it/Young, but that only looked like someone unable to come up with anything original himself trying to generate some buzz through bitter reaction. He is so certain of his worth, but really, what has he done in the last two decades?