Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weiland's Open Letter to Charlie Weiss: Where You Going With That Facemask I Found

Here it is:

"Okay Charlie, at this point I am going to assume that you haven't spoken to the Giants' organization about their 'potential coaching job.' But LEAVING NOTRE DAME, your alma mater, without having achieved really anything of monolithic proportions like you've promised us, is absurd and unfair. So at this point, I will get on my knees and beg. Don't do it, coach. Don't do it! Stay and do what you promised; your team, your school, the fans, the legacy deserves to be taken to the promised land. Your recruits, Charlie, who are just beginning to trickle in, came to play for you. You! Not someone else and they are coming to South Bend to those brutal winters from places all over the country — from the South to Southern Cal, just to be led to the promised land. Jimmy Clausen, the most highly recruited player in high school football, committed to Notre Dame. When asked why in a recent interview, he said to play for coach Weis and get a new environment. Why? The promised land, the crown jewel, the national championship. But we can't start talking about Notre Dame in the same breath as a national championship yet. You've gotta win one. The team's gotta go out there and get one. We, the Irish nation, fight for it with you together and we will all win one together and walk away to the promised land together.

"Yours truly, Scott Weiland, rock n' roll singer, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, VELVET REVOLVER, legacy and Notre Dame football fan."

There was a day many years ago where I came to the realization that I loved STP. Even now I want to qualify that in some way, but the plain truth is that they wrote a lot of great rock songs. One night my friend Andrew and I sat down and listened to all their records in a row, then watched Starship Troopers in the theater. It was a wonderful night. Anyway, it's good to see that Scott Weiland is so passionate about his football.


Philco Brothers said...

Did you really listen to all their albums in a row ?

Advanced Genius Theory said...

You better believe it!

Unknown said...

He looks like Lou from the "insect paranoia" amphetamine days.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

is that jeff rotter masquerading as michael jackson?