Friday, August 31, 2007

Lou Reed and the Killers

Sorry I was away yesterday, but I was at a Team Building Exercise in Tennessee. No T-shirt to wear during business time, though. Anyway, Lou Reed is embracing the new, as the Advanced always do. Pitchfork has the story:
A couple years back, I recall seeing a very out-of-place-looking Lou Reed at some MTV event or another talking to Gideon Yago, decrying the network's recent resistance to rock music. Yago asked Reed just who he'd like to see replacing endless repeats of "Engaged & Underage" or whatever, and, with nary a blink, Reed replied "Okkervil River."

In that moment-- and with his embraces of Antony and Conor-- Lou showed himself to be both a man who takes his heartwrenching theatrics with at least a spot of nuance and, ad infinitum, the original hipster. So what in the heck is Lou Reed doing on a track with the nuance-free, not-exactly-hip Killers?

Singing, it turns out. According to, Reed recently hit the studio with Flood and Alan Moulder to duet with Brandon Flowers on "Tranquilize", a track from the moustachioed band's forthcoming B-sides, rarities, and now totally incongruous collabos compilation.

Pardon our incredulity. It's not that the Killers aren't awesome in their way, but "their way" is sort of the same thing Lou Reed's spent much of his career standing outside of. Also, don't bands generally wait until they have more than a couple albums before they drop a rarities comp? And wouldn't you think Lou Reed would maybe choose a band a little more road-tested (or with a bit more gravitas) than the Killers for a rare guest appearance? Perhaps Lou, like the rest of us, wishes he wrote "Mr. Brightside", too.
Pitchfork doesn't understand Advancement at all! But Henry does, and thank goodness for it.


Anonymous said...

Conor Oberst's hair is getting kind of advanced looking... Prime candidate, I'd say.

Philco Brothers said...

Perhaps Brandon Flowers, like the rest of us, wishes he co-wrote Mr. Blackwell, too.