Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super Nic Cage Karate Monkey

JW asks, "When are you going to address this nick cage quote (about ghost rider)":
Q: What was something you really wanted in this character, considering how involved you were in the production?

Nicolas Cage: “It’s a deeply personal character and I was trying to find a new way of presenting how he would keep dark spirits at bay. I didn’t want him being a heavy drinker or a chain smoker. I wanted him eating jellybeans so he wouldn’t invite the devils in. I wanted him listening to Karen Carpenter to help him relax so he wouldn’t allow the devil with satanic Goth rock or something. Or, he’s watching chimpanzees do karate instead of The Exorcist. And, all three of those things I was doing in my own life. I was eating jellybeans out of a martini glass and listening to Karen Carpenter and on the Internet watching chimps do karate. And I thought, ‘Well this is funny, let’s put it in the movie.’ But it’s also true.”
I'd like to address this, but I'm not sure how to, other than to say Val Kilmer better watch his back.


JW said...

That is some method acting!!!! When will he work with Uwe Boll though?

Mike said...

Tom Green: Advanced?

From The Onion AV Club's "My Year of Flops" column re: Freddy Got Fingered:

"In perhaps my favorite scene, Green delivers his big speech to Coughlan while 'When A Man Loves A Woman' wails on the soundtrack and the deafening roar of a nearby helicopter threatens to drown him out. In moments like this, the film has more in common with early Godard than Farrelly Brothers knockoffs."


Anonymous said...


advanced advanced advanced