Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brian Eno, Scott Walker, and Other Biblical Plagues

This is interesting (Pitchfork):

Last September, British arts organization Artangel commissioned [Scott] Walker, [Rufus] Wainwright, [Brian] Eno, Robert Wyatt, Stephin Merritt, Imogen Heap, Laurie Anderson, and more to each write a song based on an assigned Biblical plague (there are ten) that takes place in the book of Exodus. Check yr history.

A festival was then held in Margate, England, transforming the town into a modern recreation of the Israelites' escape from Egypt. (WTF?) During the event, the "Plague Songs" were performed by local musicians. The entire thing was filmed, and will be broadcast and screened in the UK next year (the former on Channel 4) under the title Exodus.

The Frogs, the Boils, the Darkness, and the Locust were sadly not asked to participate.

Now, 4BC-- er, excuse us-- 4AD will release the original, star-studded recordings (formerly only available on CD at the Margate Exodus), presented in order of the plagues. These exclusive cuts make up Plague Songs, due November 7 in the U.S. and October 2 in the UK.

I wouldn't like to get the plague, but I might like to listen to this record. Anything with Scott Walker involved is okay in my book.

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Mr. James said...

Hey there Jason -- just wanted to alert you that "Scott Walker - 30 Century Man" is FINALLY being released in the USA. Care to blog about it? NYC. IFC Center. Dec 17th. 2008. followed by SF/Berkely. opens Jan 23, 2009. Then, LA, NuArt Cinema. opens Feb 27. More to come. Would be great to get the word out. Great Scott!