Wednesday, October 17, 2007

David Bowie at Target

This is fairly awesome (from CMJ):
David Bowie's personal style has always been as much a part of his persona as his music, which is why it comes as no surprise that a line of clothing inspired by The Thin White Duke will soon debut at the bastion of American style, Target.... A CD, Strangers When We Meet (Virgin/EMI), will be sold for $4.99 alongside the collection and will feature well known tracks from the Bowie catalogue as well as previously unreleased material. The line will be available at most Target stores from October 14 through December 24 and prices run from $14.99-$59.99.
I hope so much that this was his idea.


Anonymous said...

debuting your CD at starbucks - advanced
debuting your clothing line at target - really advanced

it's weird though. looking at the pictures, none of those looks really remind me of david bowie at all. especially that puffy vest thing.

Roger Camden said...

The clothing has a particular Mod feel to it that doesn't really exclaim Bowie to me, either.

They should market a line based on his wardrobe from The Glass Spider Tour. Puffy shirts should get their due.

Anonymous said...

Well the two people who said the clothing line doesn't remind them of David Bowie at all obviously are not REAL Bowie fans. It has David Bowie written all over it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

the clothes really remind of the thin white duke. i was really excited when i heard this. but apparently my local target doesn't carry the clothes. not very advanced... or maybe really advanced.

wurly said...

It,s a shame this dollar store pretending to be trendy is selling out bowie, he is getting old must have alzheimers to agree to this..

Anonymous said...

no, not alzheimers... he's always been intelligent about marketing himself, and Target is a great place to... ummm... find your "inner Bowie";

piques my interest to show up at a party looking like David Bowie.

- astronomius