Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lou Reed's iPhone App: Lou Zoom

Lou Reed has a new iPhone app, and though it has nothing to do with music, your grandfather might enjoy it:
With Lou Zoom, your contacts have never been this beautiful—or this huge and legible! Each name in your contact list expands to the full width of the display, making them easier to select, and allowing you to read you contact info without squinting. No pinching, no panning around—just your contacts, clearer. Dramatically set in Helvetica Neue type, this contemporary take on classic Modernist design turns heads as quickly as it dials phone numbers.
This is one of the most subtly Advanced moves I've ever seen. (Thanks, Michael, for the tip)


Ben said...

I love it! Why the hell would Lou come up with an app like this? I can't pretend to understand, but I guess that's the whole point. It's an advanced move, and reluctantly, I am not advanced.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lou is reaching critical advancement. He is appearing as the voice of a villain in an upcoming animated feature.