Monday, September 07, 2015

Trainspotting 2, or Please Hammer Don't Hurt Me

Danny Boyle has confirmed that Trainspotting 2 is coming:
Up until this point in time, no concrete plans have come to fruition but speaking to Deadline at the first public screening of his latest film, Steve Jobs, Boyle confirmed that Trainspotting 2 (as it is currently called) will happen soon. In fact, the director is intending to make it his next project.
I'm excited about this for a very specific reason: once or month or so, I wish that someone would hit me over the head with a hammer to erase my memory of seeing Trainspotting so I could watch it again for the first time. Now I can just watch the sequel and save myself that brain damage. But wait, you might be thinking, aren't sequels always terrible? And doesn't this terribleness ruin the first movie for you? And wouldn't it be better to have a completely new original movie?

As for the first objection, some are good and I'm an optimist. I think Danny Boyle will pull it off, and I like that he isn't overly reverent of the original. I don't think Boyle is Advanced, but not being afraid to mess with your "legacy" is an Advanced trait

If it turns out to be bad, that won't affect my feelings about the original. Why should it? If anything it might make me appreciate the first one even more, so I can't lose.

And while yes, I would love there to be another totally new movie as good as Trainspotting, there can be both this sequel and another good movie. A lot of movies come out every year!

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