Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Other People's Lives" Review

There is a review of the new Ray Davies record at Yahoo!. Here's a bit:

Former Kinks frontman Ray Davies makes a welcome return with "Other People's Lives." Davies, who has always had a knack for telling the tale of the common man, delivers an album with a voice that is all too often missing in modern music: mature, introspective, articulate and funny. Yes, it rocks too, just like the best material from Davies' past. From the impossible-to- resist opener "Things Are Gonna Change" to the last track examining the peculiarities of an American holiday "Thanksgiving Day," there's nary a dud in the bunch.

… "Other People's Lives" is not a painful attempt at reclaiming past glories. It's a modern-day, quiet but forceful statement from one of rock's elder statesmen who sounds fresher than ever and, thankfully, has more than a few songs left to share with the world.
Sounds good to me. In case you haven't noticed, I'm on a bit of a Kinks kick these days. I hope it isn't too annoying.

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Emerson said...

I read about your blog from Drudge this morning. Good luck on the job search. When I first put on the new Ray Davies I thought it was a different band entirely. It took a few lines to even realize Ray was singing. This from a guy who can sing Soap Opera almost by heart. You like Lou Reed, so here's my question. Do you know what a "plate job" is?