Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spock and Rock

There's article by Robin Cembalest about Lou Reed's photography at nextbook ("A gateway to Jewish literature, culture & ideas"). Here's some of it:

After accusing me of kicking Lolabelle, the rat terrier he shares with his girlfriend, Laurie Anderson, [Lou] Reed calmed down and discussed his frequent subject, downtown Manhattan; his favorite inspiration, the beauty of the sky at sunset; and his unquenchable obsession for ever-more sophisticated digital equipment. I brought up my former job at the English-language Forward; he mentioned a family connection with the Yiddish one.

At the Herm├Ęs opening, a crowd including fashionistas, photo types, professional party crashers, and Julian Schnabel sipped champagne and martinis amid $450 beach towels and Reed's unexpectedly picturesque photos of cotton-candy clouds and stunning twilight cityscapes. I approached Lou, wondering if he'd remember who I was. "Yes, the nun," he said. A pause. "Oops, wrong religion." I guess he did.

But what I really like is the title: "Out and about with Leonard Nimoy and Lou Reed."

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