Friday, October 23, 2009

Ray Davies to Do Kinks Klassics With Full Khorus

This is going to be sweet:
Last week, Ray Davies told [Paste] of his forthcoming choral collection: a new album Kinks classics featuring a full choir. And this November, you can hear it for yourself, live and in 65-voice surround sound: Davies just announced a seven-city, eight-date tour through the U.S. Although some of the dates will find Davies playing solo, the New York dates will feature The Vox Society Choir and the New York shows will feature The Dessoff Chamber Choir.
“I didn’t want the Chorus to just do ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs,’” Davies said of the project. “There had to be something within the song that’d allow them to express themselves.” And so there are; the re-imagination of some of The Kinks finest songs will make for a concert equal parts rock ‘n’ roll and gospel soul.

But don’t fret if you live somewhere in the vastness of America; Davies will hit David Letterman’s show on Nov. 18.
I might have to get up to New York for this one. Ray Davies barely made it into the book, but he is one of the most Advanced Artists of all time. And this project is proof of that.

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Che said...

I've been a Kinks fan for well over 40 years! I think I must fly to San Francisco to see Ray.

I just finished watching Biography. It was on The Kinks. The female narrator just 'irked' the hell out of me when everytime she referred to Ray and Dave Davis! That just rubbed me the wrong way each time she said it.

Favorite Kinks song you ask: Waterloo Sunset