Saturday, October 03, 2009

Blind Boys of Alabama Duet With Lou Reed

This sounds good:
Blind Boys Of Alabama will release a duets album next with appearances from Timothy B. Schmit, Lou Reed, Ben Harper and Bonnie Raitt. ‘Duets’ features the previous unreleased ‘Jesus’ with Lou Reed.
I'm re-reading "Sweet Soul Music" by Peter Guralnick, which talks a bit about the Blind Boys (Alabama and Mississippi). It occurs to me at this moment how great it would be for Lou Reed to cut a record with Steve Cropper and his gang, sort of like that Frank Black record from a few years back, only a straight-soul record. It actually makes perfect sense to me, filled with coffee as I am.


Philco Brothers said...

Anything with Timothy B. Schmit and Lou Reed is worth a listen.

Advanced Genius Theory said...

you got that straight.