Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Advanced Genius Theory on Too Much Information

I did a live, one-hour show at WFMU yesterday. The show is called Too Much Information and the host, Benjamin Walker, was really accommodating. Plus he had a great take on the Advanced Theory. I only wish we could have had another hour.

If you want to listen to the results, go to the TMI page.

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Rob W said...

huh? Advanced? Advanced beyond what? There is only music one likes and one dislikes. There is no objective measurement of the value of a particular musician's music, so one cannot be "advanced" beyond other musicicians or musics. There is no tablet floating around Jupiter telling us what the objective worth of music is. There are musicians who might be more or less influential than others, but there are no musicians that can be more "advanced" than others. That assumes a non-existent linear development of music.

manilajones said...

Well, Rob W, you are entitled to your Overt opinion.

Unknown said...

Rob W. Thanks for the comment; input from dissenters makes me think harder about the theory, which helps it get stronger. As to your point, artists typically progress, and the really great ones start out a little ahead of the pack. Their progression also outpaces most others, so they leave us all in the dust. That probably is not convincing, but that's the idea, at least. I like the floating tablet, especially as I am writing on an iPad.