Tuesday, June 22, 2004

the good ship lollapalooza

just saw this:

Faced with several million dollars of losses, Lollapalooza organizers have decided to pull the plug on all dates. The tour's co-founder, Marc Geiger, stated, "I am in utter disbelief that a concert of this stature, with the most exciting line-up I've seen in years, did not galvanize ticket sales. I'm surprised that given the great bands and the reduced ticket prices that we didn't have enough sales to sustain the tour." The 13-year-old tour was set to begin in three weeks, and included the star-studded line-up of Morrissey, PJ Harvey, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, among others.

The phrase "13-year-old tour" could be read in another way: Lollapalooza is a tour for 13-year-olds. I'd love to see those bands, but I'm 33, and there is no way I'm going to an outdoor concert that lasts all day. So I'm not exactly shocked that the concert would fail to create interest. Now, if Lollapalooza were a series of 30-minute concerts (say, Thursday night, 9 P.M.) featuring those same bands, I'd be there. Well, I'd be there as long as the concerts were near my apartment and there was plenty of seating and good beer. Oh, and no smoking either.

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