Friday, June 25, 2004

What About U2?

U2 has been flirting with advancement since "Rattle and Hum." But there is an implied wink in a lot of the seemingly advanced things they've done that has held them back from being full-on advanced. I thought the videos for "One" was about Bono's struggle with becoming advanced. As you probably remember, at the time he started to wear a lot of leather and those sunglasses. I believe the first video for the song was a buffalo running in slow motion, which is pretty overt. But there was also a version of them playing in a studio. The version that dealt with advancement was the one with Bono sitting at a table, drinking a beer. He appears to be struggling with his imminent advancement, and in the end he gives in and puts on his dark sunglasses. But he hasn't truly given himself over to advancement. I do like that he talks about taking back the title of greatest rock'n'roll band in the world (celebrating rock'n'roll is very important to an advanced artist). But I'm not sure if he isn't joking just a bit. I *love* that he wears his sunglasses while meeting politicians. It's especially great that he is wearing expensive sunglasses while talking about relieving third-world debt.

When I saw U2 during the Zoo TV tour (advanced), B.A.D. II and Public Enemy opened (advanced combo), there were many signs of advancement. The last song played on the PA before they started was "Rock'n'Roll" by Led Zeppelin and, after they were done, an Elvis (advanced) song played. Best of all, they played "satellite of Love" and Lou Reed appeared onscreen to sing along. That was in the early days of the theory, and it blew my mind. Still, though, there was the whiff of irony, which is for the overt. Another thing I appreciated in their career was when they visited Graceland in "Rattle and Hum." It was a scene straight out of "This Is Spinal Tap."

I'll be curious to see how they progress. Playing the Super Bowl halftime show was a really great move, that's for sure.

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