Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lee Hazelwood: Very Advanced

I have been listening to Lee Hazelwood's Cake or Death (apparently Warren Zevon is naming other people's albums from the grave), which I think might be the most Advanced record of the year. You will hardly believe the Bach and Mozart--pronounced like Moh-ssart--non-Stravinisky breakdown in "Fred Freud" or the German singing in "Nothing." What isn't Advanced about that song? Gar nichts. And you will surely love his version of "Please Come to Boston," especially the "ain't no gold" part.

I'm now the number one fan of the man named Hazelwood, Lee.

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Anonymous said...

Duane Eddy on the new version of "These Boots Are Made For Walking"? That is the coolest thing yet. They started together, fifty years ago, in Phoenix. A great record, Lee.