Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lou Reed's Live "Berlin" Update: Now With Chanteuse!

As you know, Lou Reed will be staging Berlin in December. Here's some new info about the event:

"French actress Emmanuelle Seigner has been chosen to appear in a film to be screened on stage during the concerts, to feature the entire album which tells the story of two fictional drug addicts in love in the German city of the same name.

She will play the role of Caroline in the film, made by Lola Schnabel, whose father Julian, American designer, painter and director, will be in charge of the stage setting and artistic coordination.

"Five new pieces are also on the musical line-up...."

I am so excited about this. By the way, Britt, the cofounder of the theory will be there with me, so look for us. We'll be the ones with the "Lou's Number One" foam oversize fingers. The good thing about this concert is that it will be either traditionally awesome or Advanced. Either way, we can't lose!

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