Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Val Kilmer: A Song for Lou Reed

When Chuck Klosterman wrote that he thought that Val Kilmer was an Advanced Actor, I wasn't so sure. My doubts are no more:

Movie star VAL KILMER is beginning to think he can get whatever he wants if he sings about it - after luring LOU REED to his New Mexico ranch. THE DOORS star is recording his first album and penned a tribute to Reed only to discover the former VELVET UNDERGROUND frontman and his partner LAURIE ANDERSON had booked a fly fishing holiday on his 6,000-acre estate. Kilmer explains, "I was listening to DAVID ESSEX's ROCK ON... and out of nowhere it just says 'JIMMY DEAN' in one of the lyrics, who wasn't a rock 'n' roller but he was a rebel and sort of makes sense in the song. "I was thinking about it and I called my writing partner and I said, 'I was just thinking about what's cool, who's cool... How about Lou Reed?' "So we wrote the song and it's a very nice song and then, out of nowhere, he came to the ranch, so I'm gonna write a song called lots and lots and lots of money."

There is so much Advancement here, I'm not sure what to do. But let's just enjoy the thought of Reed and Anderson fly fishing.

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Philco Brothers said...

"I called my writing partner"
With stories like this who needs songs ?