Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Velvet Underground Acetate up for Auction

A while back I wrote about the lucky guy who bought a Velvet Underground acetate (for the Nico album) for 75 cents at a record fair. Well, now he's doing what any music lover would do: He's putting it up for auction. Apparently it includes five tracks that are the same as the album, but "Heroin," "I'm Waiting for the Man," "European Son," and "Venus in Furs" are different. Wouldn't it be great if the different versions were in the style of Rock and Roll Animal? At any rate, the bidding is now at $130,000, so if you want to give it to me for Christmas, you might want to find some people to help you pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't heard it yet here's some songs at a discount. Merry Christmas.
click and scroll down