Monday, June 25, 2007

Sonic Youth Teams With Starbucks

Sonic Youth is teaming up with Starbucks to release a covers record. From Digital Music News:
The release, a limited-edition compilation of Sonic Youth covers by well-known contributors, is expected in early 2008. It will be jointly released by both Starbucks Entertainment and Universal Special Markets, and will not be positioned under the freshly-launched Hear Music label, according to the representative. "This is not a Hear Music release," the representative underscored. But the album will be structured like "other joint venture releases," including the highly successful project involving Ray Charles, Concord Music Group (now a partner in Hear Music), and a number of big-name collaborators.
This is a sweet move by Sonic Youth if you ask me. And it also reminds me: It is very Overt to hate Starbucks. If you don't like the coffee, fine, but otherwise you're just being Overt if you aren't drinking a delicious venti coffee of the day (and M&M cookie) every day. One last thing: Is it me, or has Starbucks been playing a lot of great old R&B these days?

P.S. I like Starbucks coffee.
P.P.S. If they had asked me for something to add to the compilation, I would have contributed a version of their version of the Carpenters' "Superstar." But that might be Overt of me, so never mind.

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Philco Brothers said...

Espresso To Yr Skull. Make mine grande!