Friday, June 29, 2007

Lou Reed in Time

There is a little thing about Lou Reed's Berlin revival at Here's a bit:
While the singer shares his tales of depression, drug abuse and disoriented expats, the audience for the most part sits quietly in their seats. The choir and orchestra add a strangely upbeat air to the songs, the bleakness of which had irritated critics when it was released. There is not much movement on stage, except a background singer in a red dress gently rocking back and forth in a chair. One cannot help but wonder, has Berlin become re-unified but boring? A clean, family-entertainment culture, as one man describes the show afterwards, "worse than Las Vegas"?
First of all, the "worse than Las Vegas" man is obviously an idiot (appreciating Las Vegas is Advanced). But second, I'd like to talk about the headline of this article: "A Walk on the No-Longer-So-Wild Side." It's yet another example of the heroic lack of effort so often evident in articles about Lou Reed. Time gets extra credit, though, for creating one of the clunkiest headlines I've ever seen. It's worse than Las Vegas.

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