Friday, June 22, 2007

Steve Martin Talks Banjos

There is a lengthy but interesting interview with Steve Martin (it's from Banjo Newsletter). He talks about banjos, his weird album "The Steve Martin Brothers," how he stopped playing, how we started again, what banjos he likes, what players inspired him, and all kinds of other stuff. Like this:
I had a party over here the other night, a couple of months ago with John; Kevin Nealon, who plays the banjo well - he was on "Saturday Night Live" - a funny comedian; Eric Idle [from Monty Python] plays guitar really well - it's folky, but everything is backed up with all the cords, not just the basic ones, and he's a songwriter, too; and Billy Connolley - do you know him, the Scottish comedian? - he's a frailer - real good. They were all at the house and we had a little session. Martin Mull he played guitar.
I wish he would have called me. I would have enjoyed that. Maybe next time.

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