Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kanye West Makes a Deal With the Evil

Maybe this has nothing to do with Advancement, but I just don't care (USA Today):
Evel Knievel and Kanye West have worked it out. The 69-year-old iconic motorcycle daredevil said he and West met at his Clearwater condo recently. They settled a federal lawsuit over the use of Knievel's trademarked image in a popular West music video.

Knievel sued West and his record company last year. He took issue with a 2006 music video for the song Touch the Sky, in which the rapper takes on the persona of "Evel Kanyevel" and tries to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle over a canyon.

Knievel failed in his attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974.

West's attorneys argued the video amounted to satire, covered under the First Amendment.

"We settled the lawsuit amicably," Knievel said Tuesday. "I was very satisfied and so was he."

So are we all.

In other legal news, the guy who wrote "Grandma Got Runover By a Reindeer" was sued "for breach of contract Monday by a company that claims he interfered in a $1 million-plus deal to sell musical trucks, bobblehead dolls, snow globes and cookie jars featuring characters from an animated show based on the novelty song."

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Anonymous said...

is it a coincidence that mr Kinevil died just days after this? hmmmmm