Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Loves, Threatens Fans

Here’s the latest in the Prince v. Fans (NME):
After a series of legal tussles with online fans over the use of his likeness, Prince has commented on the to-do via a song on a new website, www.princefamsunited.com.

The website's name, as well as the capitalised letters in the title of the new song, 'PFUnk,' seem to be a reference to 'Prince Fans United,' an organisation of webmasters whose sites have received cease-and-desist notices in recent weeks over alleged copyright infringements.

The song's lyrics send a decidedly mixed message: "I love all y'all," sings Prince at one point, "but don't you ever mess with me no more."
Wouldn’t it be great to live inside the mind of an Advanced Artist for just one day?


Anonymous said...

this is really some next level shit. i mean even metallica cut all their anger about file sharing by saying that they loved their fans. of course there's lou reed's coarseness in interviews, but have we ever seen an artist actually be openly hostile towards their fans? well played, prince.

Unknown said...

well played, indeed!