Monday, November 26, 2007

My Bloody Valentine to Release New CD Online

According to NME, that is:
My Bloody Valentine are set to mimic Radiohead by self-releasing their forthcoming brand new album on the internet. However, the shoegazing comeback kings are unlikely to also ape the band's 'In Rainbows' release by enabling fans to pay what they want.

My Bloody Valentine's manager, Vinita Joshi, confirmed the release, saying: "At the moment, all I can say is that Kevin [Shields, singer/guitarist] is getting the band back together and they will go into the studio next month to work on the new record.

"The plan is that they will release the album themselves via the internet, but there will also probably be a vinyl release."
I think that it is now no longer to release music on the Internet. A big part of why I say that is that they are planning to release it on vinyl. There's nothing more Overt than releasing your record on vinyl in 2007. Nevertheless, I love My Blood Valentine, and I'm excited to plan to hear this record.


Anonymous said...

i nominate mbv the most overt band of 2007/2008/however long they last with this reunion thing award.

Anonymous said...

oh man, have you heard the new lou reed song on stereogum? (
it's so awesome, kind of reminds me of "coney island baby" era, like "crazy feeling" crossed with the riff from "sweet jane". it's amazing how he can do a song about the rape of nanking with a major key syncopated acoustic chordal riff.

my bloody valentine are crazy overt, but i am still excited about this.