Thursday, November 08, 2007

Unsigned Band to Play Super Bowl?

Not exactly playing the Super Bowl, but close enough. NME has the story:
Unsigned bands are being given the chance to air their performance during the Super Bowl -- one of the most watched television events in America. A competition sponsored by Doritos gives new bands the chance to submit their music videos online.

The winner's video will be aired during a commercial break on the Super Bowl XLII broadcast on February 3, 2008. To enter the competition, artists must submit a video of themselves performing their original song along with an audio file by November 25 to
As most of you know, playing the Super Bowl halftime show (by the way, does Prince always put his hand to his ear and smile?) is one of the more Advanced moves you can do. But if anyone is Advanced in this scenario, I'm thinking it might be Doritos. Anyway, I can just imagine the internal battles being waged in bands where three of the guys think they should enter but the Overt singer thinks it would be selling out.

Maybe I'll enter...


Anonymous said...

The contest looks pretty cool, and that's an awesome prize for the winner! There are some really good entries already

Anonymous said...

these unsigned bands deserve a chance. im sick of the same bands getting the breaks