Thursday, December 13, 2007

David Bowie's Face For Sale

According to Ultimate Guitar Online, that is:
An “original life mask” of David’s Bowie’s face has been put up for sale The mask, which is cast in white from a direct mould of Bowie’s face, was made during the production of the film, ‘The Hunger.’ Bowie starred in the popular 1983 film alongside Catherine Deneuve. The mask was used as a make-up tester for the film and is annotated in pencil to prove its authenticity.
And of course, you can get it at Target.


Anonymous said...

obviously what has to be done is scraping enough dead skin cells out of the mask so that they can analyzed in a lab and we can find out whether advancement is genetic or a choice.

i mean, obviously.

Unknown said...


mister ecks said...

Jason, since it's said that Advanced artists generally start off Overt, do you think there is there a certain kind of Overtness that inevitably leads to Advancement?

I say this because it seems to me that Bowie had a kind of far-reaching, omnivorous Overtness that cold only stay Overt for so long. Is it perhaps the case that even if one isn't born Advanced, than perhaps some are born to later be Advanced? Much as a tadpole is destined to become a frog?

Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

I'm thinking about writing a book about all this, and that was something I considered too. My conclusion is that since these artists are so unpredictable, there probably isn't one style of Overtness that leads to Advancement.