Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sly Stone Live

The Village Voice has a review of a recent Sly and some of the Family Stone show:
...after a 45-minute wait, the packed, largely white and middle-aged crowd was greeted by a mohawked Sly himself, sporting a silver-studded jogging suit. After a warm-up, he launched into "Dance to the Music," wherein the younger, multiracial band generated some heat even if they weren't as tight as the ol' Family. Sly sang and played sporadically, preferring to let the group sing while he played the cheerleader role off to the side. Still, when he was on, for "Sing a Simple Song," he was in good voice and got on the good foot occasionally. And while he let the group take over for "Everyday People," he was flashing peace signs and stomping around the stage and into the crowd for "I Want To Take You Higher." After he excused himself for a pee break, he returned for a sultry version of the non-sing-along "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey," adding a spacey keys solo before dismissing the band and bidding adieu.

Show time: 30 minutes.
I'm pretty sure Sly Stone is Advanced. By the way, it won't surprise you to learn that the Voice writer tells us all about his relationship to Stone before he gets on with the review because we all really want to know how the writer was "opened up to black music."The Village Voice is Overt in the worst way. Word on the street is that the second show, the one after the squares had gone home, was "stronger."

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Anonymous said...

non sing-along? clever, clever village voice!