Thursday, December 06, 2007

Led Zeppelin II: ESPN and NFL

According to Digital News, Led Zeppelin has made a deal with ESPN and the NFL. Let's take a look:
The short-term partnership started splashing this week, and continues until mid-month. Sports fans have already seen Zeppelin songs and video footage threaded throughout various programming from both groups, including live, highlight, and preview segments.

According to Mike Engstrom, vice president of Marketing at Rhino Entertainment, part of the Warner Music Group, the "unprecedented deal" taps into the energy of a simply unrivaled group. "Zeppelin is the greatest rock band in the world, and they've always done things their own way," Engstrom said in an interview Wednesday. Now, that energy is being shared with a heavily male demographic that spans numerous age brackets.

ESPN and the NFL are complementary, and that makes the three-way structure a smart stab. Just recently, Zeppelin was promoted within a nail-biting Monday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens, aired on ESPN. The game was the most-watched program in the history of cable television, according to information shared by the network [So if you were worried that Led Zeppelin isn't getting enough coverage, you can rest easy. -jh]
Can a Super Bowl halftime show be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Even though all three surviving members of Led Zeppelin are not just incredibly talented musicians, but in fact revolutionary innovators, it still IS not, and SHOULD not be called Led Zeppelin without the greatest rock drummer that ever lived, John Henry Bonham. Long live the music of the greatest band in rock history, the mighty Led Zeppelin. RIP Bonzo.

Anonymous said...

well, (as tom waits would start off) this makes certain that led zeppelin will forever be canonized in the hallways of every american male dormitory.
britt bergman