Friday, December 21, 2007

Lou Reed to Keynote South by Southwest

According to Billboard, Lou Reed will be the keynote speaker at South by Southwest, and will "discuss his career March 13 as part of the kick-off of the event, which will also feature a screening of the Julian Schnabel film 'Lou Reed's Berlin.'" This will be a rare chance for you to see Reed alongside Daryl Hall and the not-so-rare chance to see him with Thurston Moore and Steve Reich.


Philco Brothers said...

Now isn't there a Reed & Oates apperance in the Sun City Video?
It's a shame we can't get them all together at once. I'd love to hear Hall sing Pale Blue Eyes, Lou could sing Family Man, and Oates could just stand there and play the "guitar" and act silly like he always does. Happy Holidays and please enjoy the Philco Brothers' Christmas Video

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight, paul simon comes out with a death metal record= overt
paul simon comes out with a dub reggae record= advanced?

Unknown said...

On the one hand, the reggae record could be less Advanced because it wouldn't be that surprising given the work he has done that touched on other musical cultures. However, embracing World Music is Advanced. But dub isn't exactly World Music. If he did a dub record and Trent Reznor produced it, though, that would be Advanced.

I'd have to hear his version of death metal to really judge.

Probably both would be Advanced in his case, as once an artist Advances, everything they do is an expression of their Advancement.