Thursday, December 20, 2007

Minor Threat Hot Sauce

I missed this story somehow, but I have to mention it (from Pitchfork):
"Made from a rare, mild breed of habanero [pepper] grown specifically for us, Minor Threat...mysteriously privileges the pepper's fruitiness over its notoriously overwhelming heat," reads the product description from Brooklyn-based sauciers (and picklers) Wheelhouse Pickles.

While "fruitiness" and Minor Threat should probably never be uttered in the same sentence, the sauce was indeed inspired by the DC giants, according to a recent Gothamist post (via The Daily Swarm). Wheelhouse chief pickler Jon Orren picked the name because of his affinity for the band, and also because it made sense (a mild pepper is, after all, less threatening than, say, a medium or hot one).

And MacKaye is into it, having asked only that an original label design parodying the famous "Bottled Violence" image be nixed. "I don't have an occasion to eat a lot of hot sauce," he's quoted in the Gothamist story as saying, "but I also thought the Minor Threat stuff was nice."
Somebody might be due for an upgrade in their Advancement status. (Getting into the food industry is Advanced.)


Anonymous said...

fugazi are so overt they make my teeth hurt but any and all merchandising (especially food based, especially sauce based) is awesome.

who doesn't "have an occasion to eat a lot of sauce," though? weirdo.

mister ecks said...

Mackaye may be Overt, but at least he's been sincerely committed to his particular brand of Overtness for decades. He doesn't have the ring of hypocrisy about him that more mainstream Overt artists often exude.

Something tells me that this (eventually) could lead in some way to its own kind of Advancement but that is not for me to say.