Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's a clash of priorities in Australia:
AC/DC is booked to play three concerts at Docklands in Melbourne next February. Two of the concerts have already sold out. But the AFL [Australian Football League] has booked pre-season matches on the same nights. The AFL has written to stadium officials to remind them of their contractual obligations saying it has first call on the indoor venue. But concert promoter Garry Van Egmond says the AC/DC shows will not be rescheduled or relocated.

"We're going ahead as planned. We couldn't, we wouldn't even consider it. We've got dates in Japan after this which we can't change," he said. "We've got three dates booked, we've sold 180,000 tickets and there's still some tickets available for the third show.

"We're going ahead, full steam ahead. We've got a watertight contract." AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou has told Fairfax Radio the debacle is a matter for the stadium to sort out. "The ball's in the Etihad Stadium management's court. We're being absolutely open and honest in our agreement," he said
Please note that this is a preseason game! Those Aussies are serious about their football. But what a dilemma for an Advanced Fan of AC/DC. AFL chief broadcasting and commercial officer is really bummed because he has tickets to the concert.

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