Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lionel Ritchie to Pull Reverse Rick Springfield

Here's the mildly interesting story:
Singer Lionel Ritchie is set to star in U.S. soap One Life To Live.

The 'Easy' singer will tape his debut on the show next week and the episode will be telecast in July, reports Contactmusic.

Although, Richie's role is being kept a secret, a show spokesman said, "He won't just sing and go."
Of course not. He'll stay all night long. But seriously, the end of the article is what caught my eye:
Other celebrities like Snoop Dogg have also made an appearance on the show.
I don't know if Snoop is Advanced, but he is truly fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI - it's actually NOT a "reverse Rick Springfield." Rick was an accomplished, established musician long before his General Hospital days in the '80s, and long before he did any acting at all. Oh, and I happened to see the Snoop Dogg appearance - it was really good, and funny as hell! His parting line was, "Llanview...what it do!"

Advanced Genius Theory said...

I stand corrected!