Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eddie Van Halen Suing Nike

Here's the latest (and only), from Blabbermouth:
According to KTLA-TV, guitarist Eddie Van Halen filed a lawsuit against Nike in Los Angeles Friday, alleging the company used the trademarked striped design from his guitar on their new line of "Dunk Lows" tennis shoes.

The Nike shoes feature red, white and black streaks along the midsole.

The suit states that Van Halen received a 2001 copyright for the design on the body of his "Frankenstein" electric guitar.

Court papers allege that Nike infringed on that copyright by using the design on sneakers without "consent, approval or license."

Van Halen claims Nike is doing "irreparable harm and damage" to his signature design. He is seeking general and punitive damages, all profits arising from the sales of "Dunk Lows" and a permanent injunciton halting production of the Nike shoes.

Wow. Don't mess with Frankenstein. If you would like the EVH approved shoes, go here for his sneakers that look suspiciously like Chuck Taylors. I smell another lawsuit.

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