Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay, Then, I'll Change It. Hello Cliff Richard.

From tipster Judas Constant:
I just found this in the Guardian, attempting to explain the peculiar career of Cliff Richard. It reads like Advanced Theory 101:

"Cliff, though, is a little more problematic. At heart, he is clearly rather odd, an eccentric even. At every turn, Cliff will say or do something to spoil my argument that his catalogue is worthy of deeper analysis and investigation. He'll say something about wine or Jesus or how "rock'n'roll" he is; or offer his holiday home to Tony Blair at the height of the Iraq crisis, or force Chris Evans to take a stand and say he'll never, ever play a Cliff Richard record on the radio."
I don't know enough about Cliff Richard, other than his name is better on a hamster than special patrol group, but this sound very promising!

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