Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Comes After Metal Machine Trio?

I love the name Metal Machine Trio, of course. Here's part of an old review that I missed:
It was good to have this Lou Reed back: not an American Master nor a Legend of Rock, but a barking, brooding, beneficial irritant. On Thursday night at the Blender Theater at Gramercy, onstage between Sarth Calhoun and Ulrich Krieger, two much younger musicians, he was making noise — improvised, loud, heavily processed, and some of it ugly enough to make people leave.
Contrary to expectations — and the original record [Metal Machine Music]— the show did include some singing, in Mr. Reed’s wayward croak, barely distinct through the din. Some of these interjections were just stray phrases, trailing off into nothing. “I can’t get you back,” was one. “Sorry if I made you mad.” “Free fly ... oh, baby, like a bird.” “I went to Avenue C. ...” And then, somewhere in there a recognizable lyric: “Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand.”
I'm surprised that he didn't quote from Walk on the Wild Side. Anyway, I bring this up because I'm wondering if Reed is ready for his Time Out of Mind. It would seem that he isn't interested in that, but I can just imagine his following up Metal Machine Trio stuff with a record that everyone loves next year. Then again, if I can imagine it, then it probably isn't Advanced.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know how to email you, but would actor James Franco deciding to do an arc on General Hospital be Advanced?

Keep up the good work!

Matt in LA

britt bergman said...

all i know is this-that guy can't get enough of talking about fly fly away.

Advanced Genius Theory said...

James Franco has not been around enough to Advance, however, doing GH is certainly an interesting move for someone on the verge of being a full-on movie star. Many eventually Advanced Artists sabotage themselves, so I'd keep an eye on Franco.